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Bio-coo | TKD103

Bio-coo | TKD103




Fabric Weight

130 /GSM

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  • Sweat WIcking

    Efficiently draws moisture away from the skin, keeping you comfortable and dry during intense activities. Stay focused and confident, whether you're working out or facing everyday challenges, thanks to the superior moisture management provided by sweat-wicking textiles

Bio-coo- so COOL.

At the heart of this series lies a transformative bio-coo- treatment that imbues synthetic fibers with a remarkable property – the ability to attract and interact with microbes in a manner similar to natural fibers. When textiles inevitably shed microfibers, these treated synthetic fibers enter the environment. Microbes, naturally present in various ecosystems, are drawn to these fibers. Over time, these microbes can form functional entities that digest the synthetic molecules, effectively breaking down the fibers in a way previously only associated with naturally biodegradable materials.

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